Committed to quality with most valuable IT Solutions.
TekMascots is a complete end-to-end IT solutions provider with expertise in diverse areas of consulting including Development, Recruitment, Training and IT Corporate Services. Combining unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across all industries and business functions, TekMascots collaborates with clients to help them become high-performance businesses. The strength of TekMascots lies in its outstanding model of project execution that makes it possible for the timely delivery of the most complicated and advanced software and IT solutions to the clients.
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Technology Expertise
Our Services
  • BigData Solutions and Data Science
  • BI Solutions and Data Analytics
  • Data Repository and Administration
  • Customer Data Integration and Marketing Campaigning Solutions
  • ERP Solutions - Workday, SAP, PepoleSoft
  • Quality Assurance/Testing Solutions
  • Mobile Apps Development for Android and IOS.
  • Java and Web based applications development
  • Training and Placement
BigData Solutions and Data Science
TekMascots automates the process of converting large amount of disparate and complex data into a user-ready business model and data store. This empowers analysts and business owners to easily analyze, visualize and report data across various sources without relying on IT.
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BI Solutions and Data Analytics
Business intelligence is the technique that helps to transform the raw data for useful business analysis purposes. Business intelligence services help to discover the hidden business trends that improve the data-based business decision making.
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Data Repository and Administration
TekMascots offers SQL Database Administration services to sites that are otherwise unable to secure a Database Administrator. Leverage the collective knowledge, skills, and experience of our team of professionals in all aspects of SQL Server to improve your SQL Server performance and data integrity.
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Customer Data Integration and Marketing Campaigning Solutions
The ability to effectively engage with today’s dynamic, empowered and hyperconnected customers requires instant access to fresh, flexible customer data. TekMascots cross-channel marketing platform enables marketers to easily integrate real-time customer data from any source and any channel, into an always-fresh central repository.
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ERP Solutions - Workday, SAP, PepoleSoft
ERP is a software enabled solution which is used to control all the information and functions of a business. ERP software systems include different ERP modules operations for the ERP business solutions like planning, development of the product, sales and marketing.
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Quality Assurance/Testing Solutions
Cutting corners on testing software presents significant business risks, from losing customers to impacting your brand´s reputation. Software testing has become a strategic priority because of the importance software now plays for every business.
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Mobile Apps Development for Android and IOS.
Are you one of the business owners, who are calling for a mobile apps development service provider! You have visited the right page as we, at TekMascots, meet the custom mobile app development requirements of our clients around the world.
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Java and Web based applications development
TekMascots is renowned as a Java development service provider that offers exceptional Java/J2EE programming services to suit the web and mobile application development requirements of the clients. Our company specifically fulfill the needs of diverse enterprises impeccably.
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Training and Placement
IT companies have seen explosive growth in the past three decades with more and more companies serving customers globally. In this scenario, IT workforce must be prepared to face future challenges effectively through training & development.
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